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Djibril Ndoye is an expert / consultant in digital transformation with several years of experience in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He holds an engineering degree in Computer Science from EPITA Paris, a Master in Business Administration from the University of Nancy 2, a Master in Muslim Civilization from the Open University of Catalonia (UOC ), a certificate of studies in Islamic sciences from the Center for Studies and Research on Islam (CERSI) and a certification in "Business Strategy and Financial Performance" from INSEAD Business School. After many years learning Quran with Dr Islam Korma, Professor at Al-Azhar University in Egypt, he received in 2022 an Ijaazah diploma on Quran memorization and recitation. Dr Islam Korma passed the Ijazaah to him with the narration of Hafs from Asim and his ranking in the Sanad from the Prophet Peace be upon him is 34. He is particularly interested in the challenges of Islamic finance in a globalized economic context and has conducted academic researches on the current market of products and services in Europe.

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It is the subprime crisis like the sovereign debt crisis in Europe that could have been spared us, and it is the exacerbated volatility of the financial, commodity and food markets that would have been significantly reduced if the countries of the The West had taken some inspiration from the spirit of Islamic finance. The first part of this book is a reminder of the different challenges of Islamic finance for European states in a post-financial crisis global context. A second part will attempt, following a chronological study, to draw up an inventory of Islamic finance in Europe through the study of different leading countries on the subject: the case of England, the case of Turkey, the case of Germany, the case of France without forgetting the other countries of the European Union. Finally, the third part will focus on the offer of products and services in a market whose growth potential is still very untapped.

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